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The service

So, ready to tame the city with eDOG?

Driving with eDOG
it's easy and fun

Download the eDOG app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you've installed the app and created an account, you can find all the eDOG vehicles available around you. Choose a vehicle and unlock it with the app if you're standing next to it. Enjoy your ride!



You can see all available vehicles on the map in the app. Book your vehicle, you then have 15min to get to the vehicle.

To start up

Yes ! You have found your eDOG vehicle.
First check for damage and report it in the app by tapping on the exclamation mark!
Start your journey by scanning the QR code or click "start" in the app.
Have fun driving!

End your ride

You can only end your ride in the service area. In the app, this area is marked in light green. Properly park the electric moped in a designated spot and press “End Ride”.

Drive, park and enjoy

Need a short pit stop during your trip?
Then use “parking mode”. The electric scooter will turn off, but it is still only available for you.

Our scooter

Super Soco CU-X – 50cc equivalent


Powered by a quality engine, the Super Soco CU-X offers 2000 watts of nominal power. At peak, it can climb up to 2800 watts of power with a torque of up to 150 Nm.


Accumulating 2.58 kWh of energy capacity (60V – 43 Ah), it allows between 70 and 90 kilometers of range on a single charge.

Leservice_image scooter.webp


less plastic.


Only 70 kg (compared to 140 kg on average for similar vehicles).


Equipped with disc brakes, hydraulic fork, LED lights and digital screen.

How  it works?

Fun, usable by and for

We offer shared electric transport that allows you to get around quickly, easily and fun. Our goal is to make the world better and more fun. That's why we solve the problems of traditional transport for you. Forget about traffic jams, overcrowded parking lots and unnecessary fees.

service area

You can park the scooter anywhere in the service area. Make sure you don't get in the way of road users.

Outside the service area

You can drive outside the service area, but you cannot end the rental there. Temporary parking is possible, just put in pause.

Where to ride and park?

With eDOG, you can drive and park almost anywhere in the city. In collaboration with the cities, we have created zones to keep public roads accessible to everyone. Always obey local traffic rules. 

No parking area

Areas where you are not allowed to park are indicated in the app by a red square. These are usually busy shopping streets.


Testimonials from our Doggies! 🧡 


“​​A top service that allows you to get around Bordeaux and its surroundings (even

the airport!!) 

I recommend for all Bordeaux residents! “ 


"Congratulations to eDOG, which makes it easier for everyone to get started with scooters."


"Great teams with responsive and super accommodating customer service!! A new Bordeaux service for getting around!! Too good"

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