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The rates

€0.29 incl. VAT per minute - Pay per minute driven

When buying a package, you receive a credit on your account 

Discover our different offers:

Bichon package


  75min for €19.95  

 20% free wrinkle 

(10 minutes offered)

Price ​​ of the package €15 instead of €18


Get 62 minutes of driving


Without commitment ni Registration fees

Golden Package


  200min for €49.95  

 30% free ride 

(1 hour free)

Price ​​ of the package €50 instead of €65


Get 224 minutes of driving


No commitment or registration fees

Mastiff Bordelais package


  425min for €99.95  

 50% free ride 

(3 hours offered)

Price ​​ of the package €100 instead of €150


Get 517 minutes of driving

No commitment or registration fees

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Mastiff Bordelais package

 €50 free ride 

For 24 hours

(3 hours free)
(3 hours ride/breaks included)

● Price ​​ of the package €24 instead of €50


● Get 172 minutes of driving

● No commitment or registration fees


The promo100% BordeauxDo not miss !

Get 15% off with theYellow card

Upon presentation of your Youth Card,   benefit from a 15% reduction all year round. Register on the application to validate your profile. 


A service that has dog

Only pay when you use our service

You only pay for the rental period of an electric scooter. You can use eDOG from €0.23 per minute, without registration or other hidden costs.

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Book your ride for 24 hours

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You can choose the day pass for only 24€ that allows you to ride the same scooter for 24 hours. 


You always have 15 free minutes to reach your vehicle.

Phone holder and USB connection

You can use your GPS and charge your phone while driving. 

Park the scooter

Do you want to keep the electric scooter or temporarily park it outside the service area? It is possible, just put your session in Pause.

Pay per minute

Ride for €0.29 per minute. No registration fees and only pays for the duration of use of an eDOG electric scooter.

Choose your plan

When you know in advance that you are going to travel long distances, you can buy a discounted pass. Ride up to 20% cheaper on our electric scooters.

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Roll for business

There are different options for business travel. Our B2B team that you can contact at will be happy to help you with a tailor-made solution.

Do you have questions about how eDOG works?

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