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We are
100% Bordeaux

eDOG is a company born in Bordeaux from the desire to offer a tailor-made and local service. Our service is 100% local and we are proud of it.

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eDOG belongs to its employees who make daily decisions and put people back at the center and at the heart of our business concerns.

Environmentally friendly

eDOG is committed to working with short supply chains in partnership with circular economy players and using materials and ecological products that respect people and their environment.

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eDOG  offers shared electric vehicles as a flexible new means of transportation.


We connect territories for everyone in a fun and more sustainable way.


We believe in a green planet Our scooters and vans are 100% electric.


Accessible to everyone from door to door via a single application.  

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We believe in a green planet where mobility belongs to all, shared by all

eDOG offers 100% electric shared transport as a new flexible mode of travel via a single application. We connect regions for everyone in a fun way.
eDOG wants to make 100% electric shared transport accessible to everyone from door to door. This places us at the head of the transition from traditional transport to more ecological and inclusive shared transport.
From ownership to use, only when you need it.
With eDOG, everyone can contribute to a greener and more inclusive future.
Together, let's build our electric mobility.

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Our values

Let's be the change we want to see in the World.

Helping with the transition to responsible mobility

Beyond the environmental challenge of eco-mobility and the reduction of pollution as well as the negative impact of certain modes of transport, we want our users to be responsible players in their choice of mobility.

Sustainability and innovation

Create a sustainable supply chain by relying on local partners and actors. Designing innovative products, improving and constantly questioning ourselves is one of the pillars of our entrepreneurial approach.

Respect and active listening to our users and fellow citizens

Soliciting and understanding the expectations and needs of our users, our partners and our fellow citizens is a daily exercise. This allows us to use them for the continuous improvement of our services and our products.

Involved in
road safety

We prioritize the safety of our drivers, pedestrians and other road users. For example, our electric scooters are limited to the maximum allowed speed, we also check all vehicles every few days. Our dedicated team on the streets educates people about safe driving and parking. At pop-up events we are visible on the street and are happy to answer any questions.

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